Employee Emergency Fund

The purpose of the TGMC Employee Emergency Fund [“TGMC EEF”] is to maintain and disburse a fund to give aid to any regular full time, part time, or occasional employee of the Medical Center who is in immediate need of necessities of life due to conditions beyond their control and to provide funds in the event of a death of a spouse or dependent child of an employee as further defined herein.

Advisory Board

Number, Qualification, Terms, Quorum and Vacancies. The TGMC EEF shall be managed by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board shall consist of five (5) Directors who shall all be appointed annually by the Chair of the Foundation Board of Directors. At least two of the five members shall be members of the Foundation Board of Directors

  1. Each Director will serve a one (1) year term and may serve consecutive terms.
  2. The first meeting of the Advisory Board shall be at the call of the Foundation Board Chair. A new Board member orientation will take place at the first meeting after the new term begins.
  3. A majority of the existing Advisory Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and any other purpose consistent with TGMC EEF policy unless otherwise stated.
  4. Vacancies caused by the resignation or death of a Director before her/his term expires will be filled by the Board Chair.
  5. The Advisory Board will meet at least semi-annually, and the first regular meeting after the beginning of each fiscal year is designated as the Annual Meeting. The Advisory Board will meet at such other times, as the President of the Advisory Board deems necessary.


The Advisory Board shall elect a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officers as the Directors may deem necessary. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer may be concurrently held by the same person.

  1. President. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Advisory Board, plan and direct all operating and related activities of the TGMC EEF, and initiate and direct those activities essential to the TGMC EEF. The President MUST be a member of the Foundation Board of Directors.
  2. Vice President. The Vice President will perform the duties of the President in his/her absence. The Vice President shall also serve as an aid to the President in whatever capacity called upon.
  3. Secretary. The Secretary shall take and keep the minutes of all meetings of the Advisory Board. She/he (or designee) shall notify the Directors of the date and time of all meetings. She/he shall have charge of all records of the organization except those kept by the Treasurer.
  4. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall work with the proper person, department or entity to assure that all money received by or disbursed by the TGMC EEF is appropriately handled and shall make certain that any and all funds are deposited in the proper account. The Treasurer shall give an accounting of these funds at each regular meeting and when called upon by the President.

Financial Administration

The TGMC EEF account shall be reviewed annually. Upon receipt of the appropriate information from the Secretary of the Advisory Board or designee, the Foundation Board Treasurer shall direct that the appropriate check(s) be prepared and signed. The officers of the Foundation shall be designated as signers.


The TGMC EEF is solely funded by Foundation contributions and by fund raising activities as conducted by the Foundation for Terrebonne General Medical Center.

  1. Request for Contributions. There will be at least one campaign each year to provide employees information on the TGMC EEF and to provide employees an opportunity to contribute to the TGMC EEF. During these campaigns, employees may contribute to the Fund on a voluntary basis through payroll deduction, cash or check. New employees will be provided information on the TGMC EEF and provided an opportunity to contribute to the Emergency Fund on a voluntary basis at the time of employment.
  2. Campaign Committee. Each year, the President may appoint a Campaign Committee to serve as the organizing body for special fund raising funds conducted solely by employees.

Tyes of Requests and Form of Requests

The TGMC EEF is available (upon written request) for employees who may be in immediate need of necessities of life due to conditions beyond their control.

Immediate need of necessities of life due to conditions beyond the control of an employee. The TGMC EEF is intended as a source of assistance for an employee who sustains a catastrophic event with a loss such as a home fire or flooding.

It is not intended to provide luxuries. It is intended for assistance with requirements of life that relate to a need for food, housing/shelter, electricity, transportation, health care or other similar expenses.

In addition to immediate need of life necessities, an employee may request a disbursement for funeral expenses (or other expense) in the event of a death of an employee’s spouse, parent or dependent child who lived in the home. This request for funds is also based upon need. A department head or family member may request in writing funds in the event of an employee’s death. Funds are then disbursed to the immediate family of the deceased employee.

If ever there are concerns about the advisory board’s decision, Foundation Board Chair may request advice from TGMC’s Executive Team for their consideration and final recommendation.

An employee may receive up to a maximum of $1,000 per calendar year. No employee may receive more than $1,000 in a calendar year. Requests in excess of $1,000 in one calendar year shall not be granted.

Request for Funds

Any regular full time, part time or occasional employee may request TGMC EEF funds by completing a confidential request form.

  1. All requests shall be in writing. No verbal requests will be considered or reviewed. The employee making a request is to deliver the written request to any member of the TGMC EEF Advisory Board or to the TGMC Foundation Office in a sealed envelope.
  2. All requests that relate to reimbursement of an expense shall include copies of a statement, invoice, or other written form of price/amount verification. Requests without written support documentation will not be reviewed.
  3. All other requests will require a detailed written explanation of the reason for the requested assistance (may be written on request form in space provided).
  4. All requests are to be forwarded to the President or Vice President for appropriate action upon receipt.

Review of Requests

The TGMC EEF Advisory Board will review each request within fifteen (15) days of receipt. Should the Advisory Board be unable to convene and meet as a group, and then a majority of the Advisory Board shall communicate and review and authorize funding as Appropriate [up to a maximum of $1,000 as stated in (A) above] whenever possible, checks for funds are written on behalf of the employee payable to the company and/or individual to whom indebted.

Disbursement of Funds

All disbursements shall be approved by the Advisory Board. After review and approval by the Board, The Board of Directors of The Foundation for TGMC shall submit final approval. If approved by both entities, the disbursement check will be prepared and signed by the appropriate signee.


  1. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the TGMC EEF shall begin on the first day of January and end on December 31.
  2. Reporting. The President shall ensure that no less than semi-annually, the TGMC EEF summary of activity reports (balance in fund and disbursements year to date) are prepared and posted for review. Confidentiality on all individual disbursements shall be maintained. Employees will be identified by a case number composed of year and consecutive application number in that year only in any written report or audit.
  3. History. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees adopted a resolution which provided for the creation of the TGMC EEF on _____. The TGMC EEF operates under the guidelines of this policy and procedure and bylaws as established and as may be amended.